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We specialize in implementing and proving CMMC, DFARS, and NIST SP 800-171 compliance.

Save time and significantly reduce cost with GovSky’s end-to-end compliance platform

Implementation tracking, project management, evidence collection, document generation, and more – all in one place.

Requirement Tracking

Save time with our breakout of CMMC requirements and control guidance, so you can spend less time figuring out what you need to do and more time making progress.

Project Management

Share the workload across your organization and track progress to make sure your team is on track and being held accountable for results.

Evidence Organization

Easily collect, categorize and manage evidence, so you stay organized and are ready to prove compliance during an assessment.


We Take Security Seriously

Security has been the heart of our company ethos from day one.

FedRAMP hosted infrastructure

All of GovSky’s infrastructure is hosted in FedRAMP moderate or higher environments in US zones only.

Zero Trust architecture

GovSky encrypts 100% of network traffic. All data is encrypted at rest with unique encryption keys per customer.

100% compliant with ITAR, CUI, & NOFORN

GovSky is built and operated in the US, by US persons only. No external parties have access to your data or metadata.

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Why do I need software for CMMC compliance?

Successfully implementing CMMC and passing an audit is challenging and time-consuming if you only rely on a spreadsheet and other generic tools. GovSky’s platform allows you to move much faster by optimizing compliance workflows and giving you the tools to project manage the process from start to finish.

What should I be looking for in my compliance software?

You should look for software with functionality that can optimize otherwise tedious compliance workflows, and provide guidance along the way, without compromising the security of your data. GovSky was built by industry experts who deeply understand CMMC and how this process can be streamlined with software.

What differentiates GovSky from other compliance platforms?

GovSky is the only comprehensive software platform in the market that specifically addresses the needs of CMMC. Since we just specialize in one compliance framework, our product brings functionality and expertise that other offerings do not, which translates to your business saving the most time and money.

How does GovSky protect my data?

All customer data is hosted in a FedRAMP moderate or higher cloud hosting environment (GCP), and all data is encrypted in transit and at rest using AES 256 bit or better encryption, with unique encryption per customer and continuous encryption key rotation (envelope encryption).


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